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Boarding Guide

Admission requirements

  • Vaccinated within the past 12 months OR;

  • In possession of a titer test for proof of vaccine antibodies

  • FIV and FeLV negative

  • Sterilised if over 8 months of age

  • Free from external & internal parasites

  • In physically good health for the past 30 days and not exhibiting any symptoms of illness OR;

  • If just recovered from an illness, a written note is provided by a licensed veterinarian declaring the cat to be free of infection

  • Cat is clean and in good physical condition, nails are clipped.

  • No displayed signs of aggression before toward strangers

* Cat Paradise Hotel reserves the right to refuse intake of any cat at check-in for any reason which may include: your cat appears sick, injured, in pain, displays aggressive behaviors, in extreme stress or puts the health and safety of any other cats and our staff at risk.


Required Documents

  • Vaccination record

  • Felv & Fiv Negative report

  • Owner's IC

  • Sterilisation record or Tipped Ears for rescued cats

Packing List

  • Clean blanket or bed

  • Their favourite toy

  • A brush

  • A pipette of Revolution for Cats or Kittens per feline guest (Or purchase from us)

  • A secure transport crate or carrier lined with sanitary sheets

  • Individually bagged and labelled meals

Check In & Out Policy

  • Check-in timings from 2PM to 6PM daily

    • Early check-in fees at 20$/hr (from 12pm -2pm)

    • Cabins allocated according to the cat’s temperament. No choosing of cabins allowed. 

  • Check-out timings from 11AM - 1PM daily.

    • Late check-out fees at 20$/hr (until 2pm)

    • For late check-out, Cat will be housed temporarily in the carrier if all cabins are reserved. 

    • Cats not picked up by 2pm will be charged an additional day’s boarding rate.

    • Cats not collected without prior notice to our staff 1 day before check-out will be deemed as abandoned, and a report will be made accordingly. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • We offer refunds at our discretion and after deduction of any expenses already incurred by us provided you cancel your booking 7 days before the commencement of the boarding of your pet. However, we have a strict non-refundable, non-cancellation, non-amendable policy in the following situations:

    • Reservations made for the months of June, December and Chinese New Year

    • After boarding your pet, you decide to check-out your pet before the expiry of the booked boarding, regardless of the reason.

  • An administrative fee of 20% will be charged for any refund/cancellation

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