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About Cat Paradise

Welcome to Cat Paradise - Singapore's first cage-less cat adoption center and cat cafe in one! Our unique concept aims to promote cat adoption in a special way, where visitors can interact with our adorable feline residents, and the cats are free to roam about, just like in a home environment. We believe that this setup allows our cats to showcase their true personalities and charm, increasing their chances of finding their forever homes.

Our mission is simple - to rescue, rehome, and care for cats in need. Over the past year, we've successfully rescued over 60 cats and found loving homes for more than 50 of them. The welfare of our cats is always our top priority, and we take great pride in ensuring they receive the best care and attention during their stay with us.

At Cat Paradise, we've extended our commitment to cat welfare by offering affordable yet high-quality cat boarding and grooming services. Whether you're planning a trip or just need a little pampering for your feline friend, our experienced and caring staff are here to cater to their every need.

Thank you for supporting Cat Paradise and being a part of our journey to make a positive impact in the lives of these wonderful feline companions. Whether you're here to adopt, interact, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the company of cats, we warmly welcome you to our Cat Paradise family. Together, let's continue to create a loving and forever home for every cat in need.

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