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Be a Cat Paradise Suppawter

Cat Paradise fosters and promote the adoption of rescued cats in a Cageless environment.


Our main costs include the rental and manpower to take care of these cats and here are some of the things that we do daily:

1. Cleaning the whole premises

2. Ensure our kitties have clean water and quality food

3. Promoting their adoption & engaging visitors

4. Checking in and socialising the new rescued kitties

5. Providing medical assistance and basic grooming

6. Integrating the new kitties to the Cafe area

Usually we have about 5-6 kitties that are not yet ready for interaction with the visitors and most of our time are spend socialising them. 


The process of integrating and socialising rescued cats take a whole lot of passion, time and effort. Cats normally come to us with bad fur conditions, timid and sometimes weird behavioural problems. It is our job to help them get better and to prepare them for adoptions.

While we put in the hard work, you can help us by becoming a Cat Paradise Suppawter.

Any amount no matter big or small will help us in our cause.

You can also help us by booking a visit here

**Please note that these are billed on a recurring monthly basis. Can be cancelled anytime.

  • Silver Suppawter

    Every month
    Day worth of food & care for a cat
  • Gold Suppawter

    Every month
    A week worth of Cat Litter for a cat
  • Platinum Suppawter

    Every month
    A month worth of Food for a cat
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